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Learning Covered 14-18 June

English: Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Persuasive Writing, Creating an Advertisement, Handwriting and Touch Typing Science: Learning about inventions. What were some important inventions? Who were important inventors? When were everyday items invented? Students also created their own inventions. Maths: Choosing appropriate and…

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31 May – 4 June

English and Science: Students finalised their Science Fair oral and video presentations and rehearsed these in preparation for the assembly on Friday afternoon. Students also revised Spelling words. Maths: Identifying relationships between numbers and make generalised statements using words, then symbols…

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Learning Covered 24-28 May

English: Writing presentations for Science; handwriting; listening to friends' reading videos; spelling concepts; creative writing. Maths: Comparing imperial units and approximate metric equivalents; finding the difference between positive and negative integers and between two negative integers in a context such…

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3-7 May Learning Covered

English: Poetry, writing material for the Year 6 yearbook, creative writing, reading comprehension and debate. Maths: Working on word problems, ration and direct proportions; finding simple percentages of shapes and whole numbers; knowing and applying arithmetic laws as they apply…

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26-30 April

English: Student read-aloud videos were shared. Students also read a non-fiction text, answered comprehension questions, expanded their vocabulary and studied spelling words. Maths: Students studied rations and solved simple word problems involving ratio and direct proportion. Science: Planning investigative work.…

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Learning Covered 22-26 March

English: Learning about commas, revising the use of capital letters; reading comprehension; learning about non fiction texts including recounts and information texts; writing recounts and information texts; taking a past paper in preparation for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint. Science: Revision…

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