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Learning Covered 12-16 October

English: Spelling test; book projects; learning about elements of a story including characters, setting, point of view and plot; writing summaries; considering how paragraphs and chapters are linked together in novels. Maths: Converting between units of measurement, using decimals to…

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Learning Covered 21-25 September

English: Reading non-chronological articles, writing summaries, learning about the components of non-chronological reports, writing non-chronological reports. Maths: Learning about prime numbers, mental math, time tables, and division IPC: Learning about the history of the spice trade between Indonesia and Europe;…

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14-18 September Learning Covered

English: Reading non-fiction articles and writing summaries; editing peers' writing for spelling, grammar and punctuation; writing complete paragraphs; spelling test. Maths: Recognising and extending number sequences; recognising prime numbers up to 20 and finding prime numbers up to 100. Science:…

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