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Learning Covered 2-6 March

Maths - Solving simple problems involving ration and direct proportion; using the language associated with probability to discuss events, to assess likelihood and risk, including those with equally likely outcomes. English - Writing reports; revising and editing writing; reading for…

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3 – 9 March Home Learning

English: Please complete the new assignments found on Spelling: Please study the following words for a Spelling test on Monday: computer  opinions believe different dining average massive wonderful recommend are our returned restaurant personal happened wonderful famous Science: Please begin…

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Learning Covered 10-14 February

English: Writing complete paragraphs; writing a biased discursive text; revising and editing writing. Science: Investigating friction as a force; recognising and using units of force, was and weight; identifying the direction in which forces act. Maths: Ordering fractions; knowing percent…

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