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What’s it made Of

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun! Highlights of the Year 1 IPC learning using the unit WHAT'S IT MADE OF? ENTRY POINT The children collaborated in small groups to make robots using recycled materials. KNOWLEDGE HARVEST Our students had the…

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Freeze It

Great learning! Great teaching! Great fun! Highlights of the Year 2 IPC learning using the unit FREEZE IT! ENTRY POINT The children played the MOLECULES game, where the children represented molecules in ice cubes (solids), molecules in a bottle of…

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New Topic – Classic Literature

The researchers first quoted in your article (Romans had whale industry, research suggests, 11 July) have made a very bold extrapolation from very small evidence. I would agree with Dr Erica Rowan, cited towards the end of the piece, that one…

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Year 4 Field Trip

Year 4 enjoyed their class trip and planned their bus seats as soon as the trip was announced. They were very excited to be able to go inside the submarine at Monumen Kapal Selam and to see all the original…

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Assembly Y7: 13 December 2017

Our final assembly of 2017 was a celebration of various achievements. Year 7 students gave informative and impressive presentations about Citizen Science and Galaxy Zoo projects they had been working on in Science lessons. We also congratulated the swim team…

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