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Humanities – work covered to 12/11

Year 9 GP - Students discussed the differences between Quality of Life and Standards of Living and were able to differentiate between MEDCs,LEDCs, HICs, LICs, BRICs,MINTs. Year 9 History - Students studied the trench system in WW1 and were able…

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Humanities work covered – 29/10

Year 9 GP - Students practiced analysing and interpreting Population Pyramids Year 9 History - Students discovered why so many men volunteered to fight in WW1. Year 10 GP - Students practiced a series of exercises to improve their listening…

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Humanities – work covered by 17/9

Year 9 GP - Students worked in groups to define key terms associated with Migration and shared the information. Year 9 History - Students discussed how the alliance system backfired and actually increased tension in the early 1900's. Year 10…

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Humanities learned – 10/3

GP  Year 9 - Students delivered a presentation on a global issue and discussed how it impacted the world and Indonesia and how it could be resolved. History Year 9 - Students discussed the reasons for and implications of the…

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Humanities topics covered 3/9

Year 9 History - Students discussed how Imperialism and the Arms race increased the likelihood of war breaking out in 1914 Year 9 GP - students continued to work on researching and synthesising information for their Global Issues projects. Year…

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