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Humanities work up to Friday 26th February

Year 7 History - Students improved their source analysis skills and began to compare the Roman and Viking civiliazations. Year 8 History - Students completed a Unit test on the French Revolution. Year 9 - GP - students completed a…

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Humanities work up to 5th February

Y7 History students used primary sources to explain if the Roman's were civilized. Y8 History students discussed how the Terror got out of hand. Y9 History students discussed the aims of the Big 3 at the Paris Peace Conference. Y9…

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Humanities – work completed 11/12/20

Year 8 History - students learned about how and why slave rebellions increased in number during the early 1800's. Year 9 History - students identified the major events of WW2 and discovered what happened at Dunkirk and how it was…

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Humanities – lessons until 20th November

Year 7 History students consolidated their chronological skills as well as the ability to use sources Year 8 History students created a comic book story to show the various stages of the life of a slave from capture to working…

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Humanities – what we studied – 16/11/20

Year 7 History students discussed how to use sources to make inferences about past events. Year 8 History students discussed what it was like to live as a slave on a plantation. Year 9 History students discussed the principles of…

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Humanities work up until 2/10/20

Year 7 History - students completed an assessment on chronology, anachronisms and living through Covid-19. Year 8 History - students completed an assessment on historical skills (Interpretations, using evidence, significanace and causation). Year 9 GP - Students used sources to…

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