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Week 7

More about electrolysis, general patterns in electrolysis, and real life applications of electrolysis in extracting aluminium metal from its ore, purifying copper, copper plating and other metal plating, and the electrolysis of brine and its importance for making some very…

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Week 6

This week was dedicated to electrolysis, the breaking down of chemicals by passing an electric current through them, and identifying the products that would be formed at each electrode.

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Week 5

This week was more practice with calculations, including how to work out which reagent was used up first in a reaction, and thus how much product could be produced. We also started with atrying to understand the basics of electricity…

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Week 4

This week we learned how to calculate number of moles in solutions and then practised calculations where we had to determine how much (in terms of mass or volume) of a particular reactant or product was used up or created…

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Week 3

Calculating moles for pure solids, liquids and gases. This is using Avogadro's number to define a specific number of particles that can then be used for a reaction.

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