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Humanities – work covered 13/9/19

Year 7 History: Students used a variety of sources to investigate the death of the "Tollund Man". Year 7 Geography: Students located the worlds continents and oceans as well as used an atlas to locate cities around the world. Year…

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Humanities learning covered 6/9/19

Year 7 History: Students learned how to use BC/AD and BCE/CE time scales as well as create timelines. Year 7 Geography: Students learned to what extent Globalisation affected their lives. Year 8 History: Students learned how the Christian Church affected…

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Learning covered 30/8/19

Year 7 History and Geography completed a Baseline assessment test and analysed their performance focussing on ways they can improve. Year 8 History discovered why people in the Middle Ages were so religious and explained why they believed in the…

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Humanities Work Covered

Year 7 History - What is History, why is it important, how do we study History? Year 7 Geography - What is Geography, what are the three types - can we identify examples of each type? Year 8 History -…

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