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English – due 17.2.20

Learn these helpful phrases to use when you are analysing any Literature texts; test on Monday 🙂

If you do not talk about STRUCTURE and FORM you are not meeting the basic assessment objectives.

  1. structure
  2. journey through the text
  3. change of focus
  4. move from outside to inside
  5. change from person to setting
  6. move from wide to narrow
  7. macro world to microcosm
  8. the text encapsulates…
  9. patterns throughout the text
  10. pathetic fallacy or weather
  11. repetition of sounds or images
  12. narrowing the focus
  13. a focus on specific objects or things
  14. writing is initially engaging because…
  15. building to a final climax
  16. a series of climactic events
  17. pivotal moments
  18. paragraphing and punctuation
  19. dramatic pauses, ellipsis, questions
  20. parallel sentences, pace, rhythm