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Humanities covered – 20/9/19

Year 7 Geography – students clarified key Physical geography definitions and discovered how to use lines of latitude and longitude.

Year 7 History – students identified a variety of historical sources, described the different forms that exist and categorised primary and secondary sources into several types.

Year 8 Geography – students continued to work on their Ecosystem projects identifying factors that affect each Biome and how plants, animals and humans have adapted to their environment.

Year 9 History – students have discussed the types of weapons used in WW1 and have understood why some were more effective than others. Students also completed a timed essay on the impact of Patriotism on volunteering to fight in 1914.

Year 9 GP – students discussed how to get to the North Pole. Students were encouraged to work together as a team to share information and ideas in order to guarantee success. After evaluating their efforts students reflected on how they could have improved their selection.

Year 10 History – Students looked at 4 case studies to assess how well the LON dealt with international crises in the 1920s.

Year 10 GP – students assessed the value of empathy when looking at global perspectives about current events.

Year 11 History – students have assessed the impact of the Ruhr invasion of 1923 and how this led to Hyper-Inflation. In addition students also began to research the impact of Gustav Streseman as chancellor and foreign minister.

Year 11 GP – students began to finalise the planning of  their team projects.