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Humanities – what we studied – 16/11/20

Year 7 History students discussed how to use sources to make inferences about past events.

Year 8 History students discussed what it was like to live as a slave on a plantation.

Year 9 History students discussed the principles of communism and explained how the bolsheviks too power in 1917.

Year 10 History students discussed the key events of the wartime conferences and explained why the mood turned at Potsdam.

Year 11 History students continued to research information on the coursework.

Year 12 History students discussed the conferences and treaties from 1924-29 and how they affected international relations.

Year 9 GP students discussed why there is a global water crisis and how it impacts the lives of billions of people.

Year 10 GP students used their research skills to write a piece on globalisation or the destruction of the great barrier reef.

Year 11 GP students completed their surveys in order to prepare for their group coursework