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Humanities – work completed 11/12/20

Year 8 History – students learned about how and why slave rebellions increased in number during the early 1800’s.

Year 9 History – students identified the major events of WW2 and discovered what happened at Dunkirk and how it was turned into a propaganda victory for Britain.

Year 9 GP – students discovered how the poverty cycle works and identified what the causes and consequences were of global poverty.

Year 10 History – students discussed how the US responded to Soviet expansion by creating the Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan.

Year 10 Gp – students reviewed how to answer a 15 mark question using a mark scheme and examiners report.

Year 11 History – students identifies the type of opposition the Nazis faced as well as which particular groups they targeted for persecution.

Year 11 GP – students continued to prepare for their team project Outcome.

Year 12 History – Students identified the main aims of Hitler’s foreign policy and it’s impact of international relations. Students also discussed the failure of disarmament