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Humanities work completed – 14/2/20

Year 7 History – Students discussed what skills were needed to be an effective monarch in medieval times.

Year 7 Geography – Students discussed the 3Ps with regards to earthquakes. and explained why LEDCs suffer more damage than MEDCs.

Year 8 History – Students discovered what evidence there is of the slave trade and how useful it is in describing conditions on plantations and during the middle passage.

Year 8 Geography – Students discussed the problems caused by overpopulation.

Year 9 History – Students assessed the significance of Oskar Schindler.

Year 9 GP – students discovered what makes for good “reasoning” during arguments / discussions.

Year 10 History – Students discussed the consequences of the Berlin Blockade / Airlift

Year 10 GP – Students continued to work on the Course Work projects.

Year 11 History – Students discussed why Hitler persecuted various minorities.

Year 11 GP – Students continued to edit their IRs and TPs.