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Humanities – work completed 17/1/20

History Year 7 – Students discussed the impact of the Anglo-Saxons on British culture as well as described the political situation within Britain in the Dark Ages. Geography Year 7 – Students compared the pros and cons of living close to a volcano. Students considered the social, economic and environmental consequences of the Eyjafjallalkollur volcanic eruption. History Year 8 – Students explained why Henry VIII wanted to break from Rome and they compared pre and post reformation churches. Geography Year 8 – Students compared the difference between high order and low order goods and explained the difference between local shops, city centres and out of town centres as shopping locations. History Year 9 – Students considered the impact of Pearl Harbour and the battle of Stalingrad with regards to be being turning points in WW2. GP Year 9- Students discussed and considered the importance of critical thinking and how it can be used in a variety of ways. History Year 10 – Students used sources to consider how important the Iron Curtain speech was in regards to the origins of the Cold War. GP Year 10 – students discussed the strengths and weaknesses of their Individual Research projects and made improvements.