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Humanities – work covered 13/9/19

Year 7 History: Students used a variety of sources to investigate the death of the “Tollund Man”.

Year 7 Geography: Students located the worlds continents and oceans as well as used an atlas to locate cities around the world.

Year 8 History: Students assessed the impact of the Christian Church on life in the Middle Ages by comparing sources, using empathy and evaluating methods of communication.

Year 8 Geography: Students researched information about a Biome in order to prepare a powerpoint presentation.

Year 9 History: Students assessed why it was difficult to launch an attack on an enemy trench as well as identify the main features of a trench on the western front.

Year 9 GP: Students were given advice on written techniques in order to improve exam technique and research skills for global issues.

Year 10: Students identified the aims of the League of nations and explained why it had inherent weaknesses.

Year 10GP: Students presented a series of arguments to the they group which they had to justify with evidence and not just opinion. In addition students wold discuss the strengths / weaknesses of each others arguments, focussing on style and content.

Year 11 History: Students assessed the impact of the Spartacist uprising and the the Kapp Putsch on Weimar Germany. Students began to assess the causes of the invasion of the Ruhr (1923).

Year 11 GP – Students completed their IR and continued to plan their team projects.