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Humanities work covered 15/10/19

Year 7 History – Students discovered how to use and detect bias and understand why it is important in the analysis of sources.

Year 7 Geography – Students discovered how to use 4 and 6 figure grid references to find locations

Year 8 History – Students discovered what happened during the first Crusade to the Holy Land in the 12th century by using contemporary sources.

Year 8 Geography – Students were introduced to the subject of Human Geography and presented a power point lesson to other students.

Year 9 History – Students were shown examples of how countries suffered at the end of WW1. In addition students wrote an essay comparing post-war Britain and Germany.

Year 10 GP – Students brainstormed ideas for an Individual Research Project.

Year 10 History – Students self assessed their ability to answer key questions about the post WW1 peace treaties and the success / failure of the League of Nations.

Year 11 GP – Students completed interviews of students in order to find primary data for their team projects.

Year 11 History – Students evaluated the Munich Putsch to determine whether it was a success of failure for Hitler and the Nazi party.