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Humanities – work covered 27/9/19

Year 7 History – Students discovered what it would be like to be an archaeologist focussing on methods, equipment used, problems faced and importance of their findings.

Year 7 Geography – Students learned how to identify key characteristics and information about courses by using different types of maps from an atlas.

Year 8 History – students were introduced to the topic of the Crusades, focussing on the decline of the Byzantine empire and what threats it faced from the Seljuk Turks.

Year 8 Geography – students compared information to create a detailed analysis of 4 major ecosystems.

Year 9 History – Students discovered how trench conditions could lead to illnesses, disease, mental problems and death.

Year 9 GP – Students discussed the importance of Human rights, identified why some rights are being ignored and prioritised why some rights are more important than others.

Year 10 History – Students assessed the work of the LON in the 1920’s focussing on how they dealt with territorial disputes and humanitarian crises.

Year 11 GP – students finalised their TP and began to research their topic as well as delegate jobs to do.

Year 11 History – Students assessed the work of Gustav Streseman, assessing his economic reforms and diplomatic work. They also evaluated to what extent Germany experienced a “Golden Age” in the 1920’s.