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Humanities work – up to 8/11/19

Year 7 History – students discovered how to use evidence in order to make accurate hypotheses about a crime scene.

Year 7 Geography – students discovered how to use a variety of scales in order to measure distance on a map.

Year 8 History – students discovered why the Muslims were successful in uniting against the Crusader kingdoms under the leadership of Saladin and how this led to the third Crusade led by Richard I.

Year 8 Geography – students describes the differences between settlements and explained why their is a difference between size / services on a settlement hierarchy.

Year 9 History – students explained why there were divisions in Russian society prior to 1914 and they were able to list and explain the key components of communism.

Year 9 GP – Students discovered that national. global and local perspectives over issues can be affected by multiple factors including wealth, education, religion, tradition and culture.

Year 10 History – Students described and explained the reasons for Hitler’s foreign policies. In addition they discussed how and why Britain and France changed their attitude towards the severity of the TOV.

Year 10 GP – students continue to research and prepare for their Individual Research Project.

Year 11 History – Students evaluated the reasons why Hitler came to power in 1933 focussing on propaganda, policies, personnel, promises and personality (of Hitler).

Year 11 GP – students completed their GP TP outcomes and began to analyse the data collected.