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Humanities work up to Friday 26th February

Year 7 History – Students improved their source analysis skills and began to compare the Roman and Viking civiliazations.

Year 8 History – Students completed a Unit test on the French Revolution.

Year 9 – GP – students completed a specimen exam, discussed exam methods and gave definitions to key GP course terminology.

Year 9 History – students created detailed tables of the remaining 5 peace treaties and assessed which of the successor states was worse off.

Year 10 History – discussed the reasons for US escalation in Vietnam as well as assessed the various armies prior to 1965 when US troops landed in Da Nang.

Year 10 GP – students clarified their IR research topic and began to do research of global perspectives.

Year 11 GP – students completed their mock exam.

Year 11 History – students completed their Paper 2 exam

Year 12 History students analysed their performance in P1 of their mock exam and prepared for and completed their Paper 2 exam.