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March Class and Online Learning Report, 2020

March Class report

  1. students who were ready for IGCSE, really are ready for the IGCSE. they already worked hard and review few times from chapters
  2. past papers also done, from 2019 for the first batch and back until 2017. teachers and students together mark and scored based on the knowledge and also based on guidance to mark.
  3. litte exam done on March to review what studetns understand for randomly chapters

March – May online with zoom and google classroom

  1. zoom working effectively since zoom could do only 45 minutes so after zoom finish, student smove to google classroom, on classwork to answer the questions there for the last 10 minutes after 45 minutes online done.
  2. home learning and classwork done by submitted through e-mail for the efficiency and for the quick time to check.
  3. onnline learning with sit together and work together is good. the condition were made almost like the real class. just need modify some with how to discuss, as the IGCSE material were done all.

NOTE : the online learnign will keep continue until June, teacher and students try to get more cases and knowledge to discuss with the real companies and multinational so students will having wider perception on what the book said.