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Reading (Core) 2nd – 5th November

In English this week we honed our comprehension and summary skills in preparation for the November examinations.

  • AO1 Reading
  • R1 demonstrate understanding of explicit meanings
  • R2 demonstrate understanding of implicit meanings and attitudes
  • R3 analyse, evaluate and develop facts, ideas and opinions, using appropriate support from the text
  • R4 demonstrate understanding of how writers achieve effects and influence readers
  • R5 select and use information for specific purposes.
  • AO2 Writing
  • W1 articulate experience and express what is thought, felt and imagined
  • W2 organise and structure ideas and opinions for deliberate effect
  • W3 use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures appropriate to context
  • W4 use register appropriate to context
  • W5 make accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar.