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Week beginning – 14/09/2020


Learning Targets

2Ws3 Secure the spelling of high frequency words and common irregular words

2Ri2 Identify and describe story settings and characters, recognising that they may be from different times and places

2Ro10 Discuss the meaning of unfamiliar words encountered in reading

2Rf5 Predict story endings

2Ro2 Use phonics as the main method of tackling unfamiliar words

2Wo2 Practise handwriting patterns and the joining of letters

2Ws1 Learn the different common spellings of long vowel phonemes

2Ws2 Apply knowledge of phonemes and spelling patterns in writing independently


-Spelling – Dolch Words – List 2

-Children had to predict the end of the story for each event – 1, 2 and 3

-Handwriting Without Tears – Letter ‘g’

– We completed pages 2 and 3 in the New  Wave Spelling book B- Unit 1. Reviewed long vowel sounds and double consonant sounds


Learning Targets

2Nn14 Understand even and odd numbers and recognise these up to at least 20

2Pt2 Explain methods and reasoning orally

2Nc1 Find and learn by heart all number pairs to 10 and pairs with a total of 20

2Nc11 To add and subtract a single digit to and from a two digit number


What is an even number? What is an odd number? How do we know a number is even or odd? When a number can be divided into two equal groups it is an even number 

– Differentiation – We learned the number pairs to 10 and 20. Number pairs beyond 20 – challenge

-‘Timed test’ – differentiated test. The children had to find the answer to the addition sentences within a time limit of 3 minutes



-‘Display of a shoe box’  and asked the children what would they see if they looked inside? Light a candle or shine a torch – what would you see now? Show a torch, when do we use this?

-The children were invited to play the following game online –  ‘Peep and the big wide world’ – ‘Night Light’ 

-We read the story : ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ 


 -The children drew a picture which represents ‘light’ to them. Wrote the word light in the centre of the paper and they wrote or drew around this word, as many different sources of light as they can think of

-We read out some simple statements. Are these statements true or false? We talked about the popular choices for each statement, encouraging volunteers to share and challenge opinion.


-The Big idea – If there was no light, there would be no life on our planet. Light helps plants to grow, it warms the planet, and it allows us to see all the wonders around us. We read the book ‘The Sun and Stars’.



-Shared reading time. Reading and comprehension using “Time to eat’ Short vowel word families and  ‘School Rules” – Reading comprehension and fluency passages


-Growth Mindset -Self – love challenge. I can build my self-love each day – 

Each child shared:

-things I love about myself

-fun things about me

-how do I show kindness to others

-positive qualities I have

-things I did well during the past week


-Read the story, ‘Fantastic You’’  on Get Epic

Literacy Planet Tasks to complete