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Week beginning – 16/11/2020


Learning Targets – TBAT

2Ws3 Secure the spelling of high frequency words and common irregular words

2Rx2 Read and follow simple instructions

2R06 Read aloud with increased accuracy, fluency and expression

2Wo2 Practise handwriting patterns and the joining of letters

2Ws1 Learn the different common spellings of long vowel phonemes and other sounds


-Spelling –Dolch Words – List 6 (continued)

-Instructions – The children wrote up a recipe for making a sandwich. They got to choose their own choice of sandwich.

-Handwriting Without Tears – Letter ‘u’

-Phonics and Spelling – We continued to read and write words with end with /ur/ such as ‘hurt’.

-New Wave Spelling book pgs 52-53, Unit 13


Learning Targets – TBAT

2Gs1 Sort, name , describe, visualise and draw 2D shapes referring to their properties; recognise common 2D shapes in different positions and orientations

2Gs2Sort, name, describe and make 3D shapes referring to their properties, recognise 2D drawings of 3D shapes

2Pt9 Identify simple relationships between shapes

2G3 Identify reflective symmetry in patterns and 2D shapes; draw lines of symmetry

2Nc11 To add and subtract a single digit to and from a two digit number


– 2D and 3D shapes -We reviewed the names of the shapes and identified their properties in terms of number of faces, edges and corners (vertices).

-The children completed reflective symmetry patterns using 2d shapes.

-‘Timed test’ – differentiated test. The children had to find the answer to the addition or subtraction sentences within a time limit of 5 minutes



-Each student participated in something that they wanted to share for the Exit Point. 

– What is light? Identify sources of light – Fernando, Davine and Kamila

– Gallery show of their artwork they did in Ms Shovi’s class. Zoe explained the technique and the materials used.

– To explain how the spin of the Earth leads to day and night – Boshton and Keishia

– Music Task , Two groups shared their songs: Big sun, Moolight

-How do we get shadows? – Gio

-Shadow puppet story – Nathan

– Light and dark story – Keagan

– Jane’s shadow puppet theatre show



We introduced the a plasma ball. We observed what happens when the teacher touches the surface of the ball with their finger. What happens to the sparks inside the ball? How do the sparks behave? We watched a video of a plasma ball.

We introduced the term ‘electricity’. The children were supported with the correct vocabulary to help them describe what they are seeing and experiencing as they investigate the plasma ball.  We watched a video of lightning. Does the light in the plasma ball reminds them of lightning? Have any of the children seen lightning and can describe it? Have they ever seen lightning and then heard thunder?

In the IPC book, the children drew pictures of the plasma ball they saw and wrote a small paragraph about what they saw.



-Shared reading time. Reading and comprehension using ‘My pig Zig’ Short vowel word families and  ‘Dad’s pet’ – Reading comprehension and fluency passages


-Growth Mindset – Gratitude Challenge -A Thank you letter!

The children had to think about someone who did something kind, generous, or nice for you recently. Write them a thank-you letter. Tell them why you would like to thank them. 


Literacy Planet Tasks to complete.