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Week beginning – 19/10/2020


Learning Targets – TBAT

2Ws3 Secure the spelling of high frequency words and common irregular words

2Wa1 Develop stories with a setting, characters and a sequence of events

2Wa2 Choose interesting words and phrases, e.g. in describing people and places

2Wa4 Begin to use dialogue in stories

2Wt1 Structure a story with a beginning, middle and end

2Wo2 Practise handwriting patterns and the joining of letters

2Ws1 Learn the different common spellings of long vowel phonemes and other sounds


-Spelling –Dolch Words – We reviewed the words from list 1 to 4

-Story writing – Using the pictures, the children had to sequence the pictures and write the story from the beginning to the end. At the end they had to predict what would happen next.

-Handwriting Without Tears – Letter ‘e’

-New Wave Spelling book B , page 8


Learning Targets – TBAT

2Nc7 Use the = sign to represent equality

2Nc11 Add and subtract a single digit to and from a two-digit number

2Pt7Check a subtraction by adding the answer to the smaller number in the original subtraction

2Nc16 Understand multiplication as repeated addition and use the x sign

2Pt4 Make sense of simple word problems

2Pt5 Make up a story to go with a calculation

2Nc11 To add and subtract a single digit to and from a two digit number


– Addition and Subtraction – The children had to solve the word problems and choose which operation they would use to find the answer (addition or subtraction). They then had to use subtraction or addition to check the answer.

– Repeated addition – The children learned that multiplication is repeated addition. They learned how to use the ‘x’ sign.

-‘Timed test’ – differentiated test. The children had to find the answer to the addition sentences within a time limit of 5 minutes



Learning Targets – TBAT

1.03 Be able to identify ways of finding out about scientific issues

1.04 Be able, with help, to conduct simple investigations


-Using the children’s science investigations of their shadows, each child shared about their experiment  with their photos and drawings of their shadows at various times of the day. We discussed similarities and differences and guessed what time of the day it would have been based on the direction and length of the shadow.


Learning Targets – TBAT

1.05 Be able, with help, to gather information from simple texts

1.17 Know about the senses


– We talked about cat’s eyes that are used in some countries on roads and motorways. They are reflective strips of light that show up in the dark, when headlights are shone on them. Why do the children think they are called ‘cat’s eyes’? Some class members may have cats as pets and can talk about how their cat’s eyes appear to glow in dark conditions. We linked this to Fernando’s photo of his cat which he took in the dark using a flashlight. The cat’s eyes are not a light source; they are adapted to ‘reflect’ light. This helps them to see better in the dark. (A reflective layer at the back of the eyeball bounces the light back through the eye.) Why might it be important for a cat to have this ability? We discussed the importance.

We watched a video on Nocturnal animals (Night time in Africa)


Learning Targets – TBAT

2Eo1 Make suggestions for collecting evidence

2Eo5 Use a variety of ways to tell others what happened

2P13 To be able to identify shadows


-The children created their shadow puppets.


Learning Target – TBAT

2Eo7 Identify simple patterns and associations

2Eo9 Review and explain what happened


Can anyone make animal shapes with their hands to cast a shadow on a screen. We watched a video on how to make shadow puppets. The children had the opportunity to make up their own story using their shadow puppets. 



-Shared reading time. Reading and comprehension using ‘Get better Ned’ Short vowel word families and  ‘Hide and Seek’ – Reading comprehension and fluency passages


-Growth Mindset -Self – love challenge:What I love about Me! 

Children will share about:

-What I love about my body

-What is unique about me

-I stay strong and healthy by

-Things by body can do


-Show and Tell – 5 children showed and talked about their chosen artifact

Literacy Planet Tasks to complete.