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Work covered up to 25-9-9

Year 7 History – students discussed heraldry and began to design their own coat of arms.

Year 8 History – students discussed why people are events are more significant than others

Year 9 History – Students discussed why the Balkan’s region was such a hotbed of tension prior to WW1

Year 9 GP – Students discusses the need for aid, comparing both long and short term measures.

Year 10 History – Students discussed the foreign policy aims of Hitler and used sources to analyse the Anschluss and Czech Crisis.

Year 10 GP – Students discussed the reasons why different global perspectives exist and how they influence our lives.

Year 11 History – Students discussed how effectively Stresemann dealt with the German economy and its foreign relations.

Year 11 GP – Students used mark schemes to assess a past exam.

Year 12 History – Students assessed to what extent Japan had become a world power by 1918, why the closing of the frontier impacted US foreign policy and why there was an domestic economic need to abandon isolationism.