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Last week we had the Entry Point for our new IPC unit, It’s Shocking! We used a Plasma Ball. The children were amazed to see the electrical lines moving to where our fingers were.

We then moved on to our Knowledge Harvest, this is where we share what we already know about our topic. We thought about things we know, things we think we know and things we want to find out.  

Yesterday, we went on a hunt around the school to find items that use electricity. We were amazed to find so many things.


In Maths we have been learning the names of 2d shapes. We have sung songs, sorted shapes and made shapes with popsicle sticks. We have been using the words sides and vertices to describe the shapes. We will continue this learning next week. 


In English last week, we wrote a recount about our holiday. We used when, who, where and why for the introduction. Then organised the events into paragraphs. We wrote our reflection to finish the recount.


This week we have listened to the story of The Chinese New Year and have re-written the story. We are getting better at thinking of our sentences and writing them, making sure the words are in the correct order and they make sense.

(Recent Photos to look at – dress up week and It’s Shocking Entry Point)