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History and GP work covered 31st Aug – 4th Sept.

Year 7 History students reviewed their Skills test and started a project on the impact of the Covid epidemic.

Year 8 History students discussed the impact of the Covid epidemic and were given a test to complete  on historical skills.

Year 9 History students discussed the development of nationalism in Europe in the late 19th century and described the aims and fears of the major European powers before 1914.

Year 10 History – Students discussed the development of militarism in the 1930’s and how it increased tensions amongst the major world powers.

Year 11 History – Students evaluated the impact of WW1 and how it led to political, social and economic instability in Germany.

Year 12 History – Students discussed the reasons behind the Scramble for Africa and why there was both support and opposition for new imperialism.

Year 9 GP – Students discussed methods of assessing global development identifying the positive and negative aspects of each method.

Year 10 and 11 GP – Students continued to assess how to answer essay questions in exams by using exemplar material, mark schemes and examiners reports. In addition students discussed which commodities / services should be made free during an exercise to encourage students to create rational and effective decisions about how to improve the quality of life.