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Humanities learning 7th-11th September

Year 7 History students discussed how Covid will affect the future.

Year 8 History students completed their Covid projects and wrote an essay addressing whether the world will be a better or worse place after Covid.

Year 9 History students explained the reasons for the naval race between Germany and Britain and analysed sources to evaluate the causes.

Year 9 GP – Students discussed the difference between the Quality of Life and the Standard of Living.

Year 10 History – Students discussed the impact of the TOV and LON with regards to the outbreak of WW2.

Year 10 GP – Students considered how to plan for a project and were split into groups to design a planning template.

Year 11 History – Students discussed the political spectrum, described the pros and cons of proportional representation and assessed the Spartacist uprising and the Kapp putsch.

Year 11 GP – students prepared for the team project by designing the ideal “team player” in addition to responding to stimuli by analsing the effects of a global issue (education for all).

Year 12 History – students discussed the reasons for tensions between Britain and France, Britain and Germany and analysed and evaluated sources about the Boxer Rebellion.