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Humanities – learning covered until Friday 25th November

GP Year 9 – Students practiced a GP past paper in preparation for their end of term exam.

GP Year 10 – Students followed a mark scheme to a past exam paper to help prepare for their end of term exam.

GP Year 11 – Students began writing their Team Report.

Year 7 History – Students used a map to show the routes of Viking raids from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Year 8 History – Students had a revision test in preparation for their exam.

Year 9 History – Students analysed primary sources to explain why illnesses/injuries soldiers were exposed to in the trenches.

Year 10 – Students discussed what was meant by the term Cold War.

Year 11 – Students discussed the reasons why Hitler became chancellor in 1933.

Year 13 – Students continued to discuss the factors that led to the Cold War.