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Humanities learning

Year 7 History – Students discovered the origins of English settlers and why the moved from Northern Europe to Britain.

Year 7 Geography – Students discovered how volcanoes were formed and were able to describe the key features of composite and shield volcanoes.

Year 8 History – Students described what problems faced Tudor monarchs as well as annotated sources to describe Henry VIII.

Year 8 Geography – Students considered the pros and cons of Urban Regeneration.

Year 9 History – Students considered whether Dunkirk was a victory or defeat for Britain and explained why the RAF defeated the Luftwaffe in 1940.

Year 10 GP – students discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the Individual Report and made adjustments to conduct further research.

Year 10 History – Students compared the conferences between the Grand Alliance and identified examples of tension between the world superpowers.

Year 11 History – Students discussed how the Nazis used propaganda in Art, Literature, Radio, Films to indoctrinate the German people.

Year 11 GP – Students submitted their Team Project reflective papers so they can use a mark scheme to make improvements.