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Humanities -work covered up until 18/9/20

Year 7 History – students discussed how the covid epidemic was handled by a variety of countries, made judgements on the healthcare systems and made predictions about what may happen in the future.

Year 8 History – students discussed why historians have different interpretations about historical events and people. They also discussed how “change” can be studied by looking at the pace and type of change.

Year 9 History – Students discussed why countries sought allies in the early 1900’s, what these alliances were and how they in creased tension between the two main alliances.

Year 9 GP – Students used a variety of sources to explain the development gap and how it affects LEDCs.

Year 10 History – Students discussed the foreign policy aims of Hitler and used sources to analyse the Saar plebiscite and the remilitarisation of the Rhineland.

Year 10 GP – Students created a planning document for their IR project.

Year 11 History – Students discussed how reparations led to the invasion of the Ruhr and Hyperinflation and assessed how well the government responded to these crises.

Year 11 GP – Students continued to prepare for their GP Team Project.

Year 12 History – Students analysed how the Berlin Conference of 1885 set up guidelines for imperial conquests. The reasons for the modernisation of Japan in the late 1800’s were discussed as well as their arrival onto the world stage with the treaties of Shimonoseki in 1895 and the Anglo-Japanese naval agreement.