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Humanities work week ending – 1/11/19

Year 7 History – Students learned why different perspectives exist about historical events.

Year 7 Geography – Students discovered how to use an 4 and 8 point compass to give directions.

Year 8 History – Students learned how the Crusader kingdoms protected themselves from the Muslims in the “Outremer”.

Year 9 GP – Students discovered what is meant by local, national and global perspectives and what factors cause them to differ.

Year 9 History – Students used sources to evaluate the impact of WW1 on politics, society and economics.

Year 10 GP – Students continued to research information about a global topic in order to prepare for an in depth research paper.

Year 10 History – Students assessed the rise of Fascism in the 1920’s and how this led to political instability in the 1930s.

Year 11 History – Students learned how Hitler reorganised the Nazi party after the Bamberg Conference in 1926 and how this contributed to their success in 1933.

Year 11 GP – students continued to prepare and implement their Team Project for the coursework.