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Learning Covered 14-18 June

English: Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Persuasive Writing, Creating an Advertisement, Handwriting and Touch Typing

Science: Learning about inventions. What were some important inventions? Who were important inventors? When were everyday items invented? Students also created their own inventions.

Maths: Choosing appropriate and efficient mental or written strategies to carry out a calculation involving addition, subtraction, multiplication or division;  Identifying relationships between numbers and making generalised statements using words, then symbols and letters, e.g. the second number is twice the first number plus 5 (n, 2n + 5); all the numbers are multiples of 3 minus 1 (3n – 1)

IPC: To know about the nature, functions and effects of microorganisms; creating a waterborne illness information poster; discussing the symptoms and treatment of dehydration; creating Science experiments with dehydration drinks.

Transition day: Trying out Year 7 classes