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‘Of Mice and Men’ 14th – 17th September

In this week’s English lessons we focused on:

  • Comparing the setting of the first chapter with the setting of the second chapter: this required inferential reading to determine the similarities and difference between the two places. This was completed in a table format and a visual diagram of the bunk house was completed.
  • Allocating a character to each member of the class to research as we read through Chapter 2. In this task the learner is responsible for teaching the class about his/her particular character. This may include using quotes from the text, research from relevant websites and teacher input. This is home learning for the next week.
  • Reading through the text and discussing the various characters we meet in Chapter 2 of the text.

Whilst reading learners were reminded that this project would:

  • develop their confidence in exploring texts beyond a surface meaning to show deeper awareness of ideas and attitudes.
  • prepare them for future academic challenges; it shall equip them with the skills to critically analyse a text and consolidate learning by teaching the class.
  • develop their confidence in sharing their ideas with other members of the class, a safe and supportive environment.
  • develop responsibility as each learner is not only responsible for his or her learning but has a responsibility to the rest of the class to make sure that the material presented is critically relevant.
  • require the learners to reflect on the material being produced.