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ENGLISH (Literacy Week)

The children have enjoyed listening to stories read by parents in Bahasa Indonesian and in Korean. Thank you to the mums who came in to read to us.

They have focused on our class story, Charlotte’s Web, to remember all the characters and to use this to write a summary of the story. They were keen to research about spiders.

The children led Year 2 in a QR code Treasure Hunt on the theme of books and book characters. The children all cooperated well and showed resilience as the questions were tricky.


To be able to order fractions.

The children have ordered mixed number fractions on a number line.

To be able to find fractions of numbers.

The children used their knowledge of the multiplication facts to find fractions of numbers.

IPC: History

To know about the main inventions of the 20th Century.

To be able to gather information about simple inventions and machines.

The children used to internet to research about an invention. They are learning to be able to find the relevant information to answer specific questions.