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Week 38: 12th-16th June 2023


To know the multiplication facts.

The children completed their last times tables test against the clock.

To be able to plan and conduct an investigation to answer statistical questions, considering what data to collect.

To be able to record, organise and represent categorical and discrete data in: Venn & Carroll Diagrams, tally charts & frequency tables, pictograms & bar charts, dot plots

To be able to interpret data to answer statistical questions.

The children have reviewed their knowledge and skills about handling data.

The children completed the two challenging Maths tests.


The children have learned about the inventions of Rube Goldberg and how the invention of electrical appliances has helped humans with their work but have also taken away work from people.


The children completed their Fiction Reading & Writing test.

We are reading a lot of Danny Champion of the World now that all the tests are over :)