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Week 7: 26th-30th September 2022


To be able to identify all horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of symmetry on 2D shapes and patterns.

The children have continued their learning about symmetry. They have enjoyed folding shapes to show the lines of symmetry and enjoyed the challenge to draw the lines on using a ruler. They have created, coloured and cut out symmetrical insects.

To know all the times tables.

The children continue to enjoy the challenge of completing the multiplication square.


To be able to use effective strategies to spell a range of unfamiliar and regular words.

The children have completed the Unit 6 language tasks in their spelling book.

In preparation for our class assembly next week the children are learning and performing lines from the assembly script.

The children all continue to enjoy DEAR time in class, which has been wonderful to see :)


To know about the lungs and breathing.

To be able to connect scientific investigations to real life

To be able to make and record observations and take formal measurements

The children have learned about the parts and actions of the lungs. They were amazed by the working model of the lungs and about the effects of smoking on the lungs, after watching Miss Liza ‘smoking a cigarette outside on the field.

To know about the functions of teeth in humans and some other animals.

In preparation for Mrs Reshma’s dentist visit next week the children have learned the names and functions of the human teeth.