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Week 7: 27th September- 1st October 2021


To investigate what shapes can be made when 2D shapes are joined together.

The children showed their knowledge and skills about 2D shapes/polygons as they investigated compound shapes. They found the properties and lines of symmetries of the new shapes.

To be able to identify 2D faces of 3D shapes.

To be able to describe their properties and match the 3D shapes to their nets.

The children have learned the names of new 3D shapes. They showed a lot of resilience as they cut out and matched the nets of the 3D shapes.

To understand the relationship between multiples and factors

To know the multiplication facts.

The children continue to practice and learn the times tables. They have used their knowledge to investigate the relationship between factors and multiples


To know about the function and actions of the LUNGS.

To be able to gather information from simple sources.

To be able to ask good scientific questions.

The children have learned about the lungs. They have read information and labelled diagrams and learned a lot of new vocabulary, ready to write an explanation text next week.

To know about how smoking affects the lungs.

They watched the smoking demonstration and learned about the effect and dangers of smoking. They created some informative posters to warn people about the dangers.


To be able to write a character profile.

The children have written and shared their character profiles about Wilbur, Charlotte and Fern.

To extend the range of reading.

To be able to use knowledge of punctuation and grammar to read with fluency, understanding and expression.

To be able to explore meaning in texts.

To be able to make notes from longer texts.

The children read a complicated non fiction text about blood and made notes to record their new knowledge and vocabulary.

To extend knowledge and use of spelling patterns.

To be able to write dictated sentences from memory.

The children completed their spelling test and dictation sentence and completed the activities in the next unit.

In the Year 4, 5 and 6 get together the children read out the poem “A Message from Your Brain“.