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Week 8: 3rd-7th October 2022

A busy week with a lot of assembly practice.

To be able to use effective strategies to spell a range of unfamiliar and regular words.
The children did the test for Unit 6 and have had the chance to complete unfinished units.

To extend the range of reading.

The children continue to enjoy DEAR times and are reading more at home :)


To know that shapes can be made when two shapes are combined and this is called tessellation.

The children have learned about tessellation and have made some impressive tessellating patterns.

To know all the times tables.

The children completed their last times tables test of the half term.


To be able to connect scientific investigations to real life.

To be able to make observations.

To know about the names and functions of teeth in humans.

The children have learned the names of the different teeth and their functions. We were lucky to have Dr Reshma visit and share her expert knowledge with us. She helped us to use disclosing gel to show the places on our teeth where there is a lot of plaque and we need to brush more.

For our EXIT POINT the children have made a HEALTHY LIVING poster to show what they have learned in the SHAPING UP: How the Body Works unit.

Well done to everyone as the children performed so well in the first Primary assembly of the school year :)