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Week beginning – 11/3/2019

Africa Unit

We have been exploring one of the world’s largest  continent, Africa. The children were introduced to the map of Africa and were able to note that many countries are located on this continent. They have looked various physical features of different areas  that make up this continent such as savannahs (grasslands), rain forests and deserts. We have been singing songs from Africa:  ‘Jambo Bwana’ and ‘Kye Kye Kule’. As Jambo means ‘hello’ in Swahili, the children have been singing while shaking hands with each other. They are also enjoying dancing along when singing these songs.

Student Led Presentation (only for students who have been in Montessori for at least 3 months)

The children are very keen and eager to show their parents their work in class. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the classroom on Monday, March 18th.