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Week Beginning – 17/2/2020

Please welcome Clara Brender and her family into the Montessori classroom. We are so happy you all are here.

What are some famous sites in Asia? What does it mean to wear traditional clothes? These questions inspired us to look at pictures of interesting buildings, landmarks and places in Asia. The children were told that traditional clothing is worn during special occasions and then showed pictures of some garments being worn by people from that culture. The children have opportunities to view these photos individually or in pairs during class time in the afternoon.

We want to thank the parents for sharing their knowledge of their culture. What an amazing learning opportunity it was for the children. The children were engaged and learned how to be respectful to an adult in the Philippines by saying ‘Po’ after a sentence and heard a folktale about Merlion from Singapore. The children learned to remember their breath as they did yoga poses, a practice common to India. The animal that many people think about when going to China is the Panda. The students were shown pictures of newborn pandas and learned how fast they grow. Origami was offered to the students as an art project representing Japan. The children made an ancient helmet called a ‘kabuto’, worn by the Japanese Samurai.  The presentation ended with the Indonesian culture with children tasting ‘Bubur Madura.’ The Indonesian teachers came to school looking beautiful in their clothing wearing a traditional kebaya. A big round of applause to you all. Thank you.