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Week beginning – 18/3/2019

Student Led Presentation

The children were fantastic at leading their parents through the activities they have been working on at school.  Both parents and students were engaged and absorbed in the activities.  Thank you for supporting your child and for your enthusiasm.  A picture folder has been created for you to view.

Africa Unit

In relations to our Africa unit, we learned that traditional African clothing is very similar to batik and is usually bright in colours and beaded jewellery usually complements the attires.  The children also looked at landmarks from several countries in Africa.

A special thank you to Mrs Tehmine, who shared many interest facts about the Congo, one of them being about the grey parrot that can live up to 80 years of age and can perfectly mimic the human voice.


This months, we celebrated two birthdays, Nikolai and Catherine both  turned 4 years old. Pictures can be viewed in the ‘March 19 Birthdays’.