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Week beginning – 2/3/2020

We have begun our unit on Jobs People Do. The teachers dressed up as a doctor, flight attendant, chef and farmer to help the children learn that clothing can sometimes identify people’s jobs. At group time, we talked about different and specific types of  tools and items that are needed for different occupations. We talked about what they would like to be when they grow up.


A fun art project has been introduced to the children which is making a jet out of recycled plastic bottles.


We had an earthquake drill this week. The children did very well at staying quiet covering their heads with their hands . The  teachers then led the students outside away from the building to complete the earthquake drill.


The children are getting excited to show their parents what they are learning in Montessori. Our student-led presentations will be on Monday, March 9th, and Tuesday, March 10th. Please check the list outside our classroom to verify the times your child is scheduled to do their presentation.