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Week beginning – 22/4/2019

World Book Day

One of the many ways to nurture a love for books is by reading to your child (ren) as often as you possibly can. Ideally establishing reading as routine in you and your child’s schedule, making this an either mum or dad special time with your child.  At school we make it a point to read at least three times to children, once during regular circle time, once before lunch and in the afternoon.  Children love to be read to and are most attentive.  They can be seen ‘make believe’ reading to each other in the library.  Most importantly reading develops your child’s attention span, imagination, vocabulary and creativity.

On Tuesday, April 23rd, we all came dressed up as a book characters. We had Dora the explorer, Pete the cat, the whale from Moby Dick and many more. The children did well at explaining what they had dressed up as. Well done everyone!

Student Absences

A gentle reminder to please let us know if your child shall be absent from school either for extended holiday purposes or due to illness. We request that absences outside our scheduled holidays be communicated at least one week in advance to enable us to take this into consideration in our planning.