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Week Beginning 24/2/2020

It has been another fun week learning about the animals of Asia. Asia has some of the most diverse and unique animals and birds on this planet. We are focusing on the Panda, Tiger, Komodo dragon, camel, peacock and orangutan. We have been learning what they look like, where they live, the sounds they make and even trying to move like them during group time.  The children were delighted to listen to the story about Pandas that one of the students lent to school.

We will be doing a cooking project this Friday, making Kimbap. This is a Korean dish of steamed white rice and other ingredients rolled in sheets of dried seaweed. This is similar to Japanese Sushi but does not use vinegar seasoning.

We will be starting a new unit next week called Jobs People Do.  We have added a new tab in the Montessori portal called resources. We invite you to read the powerpoint from Ms Liza’s previous parenting session and future posts.