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Week beginning – 9/3/2020

Thank you for attending the student-led presentations at the beginning of the week. The children worked very hard and were so excited to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of materials in the classroom.


In our classroom we are focusing our group time on specific jobs such as being a firefighter and a veterinarian.  The children are interested in hearing about the fire trucks, equipment firefighters wear and the type of substance that is used to put out a fire. Mrs. Lia did a demonstration using candles to demonstrate how fire needs fuel and oxygen in order to keep burning and water is the most commonly used substance to put out fires. The students learned about and practiced what to do in case of a fire in the school.


We categorised where different animals live to see if a veterinarian would go to the zoo or farm to treat their injury.  If they were pets, the owners would drive the injured animal to see a vet. The children enjoyed reading a book about a veterinarian and the many things she does to care for animals.


The students were so excited to have Mrs. Magali (Lucien’s mum) visit the classroom. She did a presentation about being a chef and made sweet crepes for the children to enjoy.  Everyone thought they were delicious.


This Friday will be our last day before break. School will be closed from Saturday, March 14th to Wednesday, March 25. School will resume on Thursday, March 26.  We wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday.