Our small size allows us to develop strong relationships between all our students and our families. Here is what some of our parents and alumni have to say about their experience with us…..

The Djako Family

David as a Y10 and then Y11 has been able to better identify his strengths and future career paths when he joined SES in 2015. He has learned to work hard towards achieving his goals  Read more …..

The Bartnicki Family

Both of our teenagers, Monika and Pawel joined SES in the years 2012-2015. They came there as an 11 years old girl and a 13 years old boy. Their English was not so fluent at the start  read more….

The Tjahjadi Family

I wanted to take the time to write a little about how amazing Surabaya European School has been for our family.  From the first day we dropped off our oldest child  read more….

Bahne Sorensen Family

The Bahne Sorensen Family

We are a family of five, who has lived in Surabaya from 2005-2014. Our oldest son entered last year of Montesorri late 2005 and went to SES until we left Surabaya in 2014. Read more …..



Surabaya European School did nothing short of changing my life, shaping the values I uphold and the way I carry myself, as a student and as a person. Read more…..


Something I would like to say about my former school, SES, is that it brought much more to me than I expected it would have. I was immensely surprised by the welcoming atmosphere that was present, Read more…..


When I left SES at the end of my IGCSEs, I went off to Canada and attended St. Georges school in Vancouver. Although I was in a class of  read more…..


Since completing year 10 at SES in 2013, I moved to Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia where I have recently completed year 12 at Darwin High School.  Read more…..



SES is much more than a place of excellent academic education, rather it is a melting pot in which respect, self discovery and collaboration/responsibility/honesty is fostered. Read more…..


Thank you. The teaching, in my opinion, is the best that anyone can ever hope for. From the teachers, to the assistants, to the students, there is a family atmosphere that is perfect for nurturing academic ability. Read more…..


SES has been my home for 10 years. I struggled to move abroad when i was just 5, not being to speak english, coming to Indonesia and having the privilege to study at such a loving school like SES has made me who i am today. Read more…..


Surabaya European School `has impacted my life in a way that I cannot explain but I am a better person because of it, and for that I am eternally grateful. Read more….