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SES prides itself on its ‘family-like’ atmosphere, our small size and continuous engagement with parents facilitates communication about each student’s development and also fosters a strong sense of community between the families. We currently have 17 different nationalities represented in our student body and new arrivals quickly find opportunities to develop connections and friendships.

Our school makes a conscious effort to celebrate our diversity and to give our community the chance to meet and share experiences. Diwali, Chinese New Year, Easter and Eid al-Fitr are but a few of the organized in-school celebrations that we hold annually. These enable children to learn about their respective customs while exploring cultural cuisines. We also hold whole-school assemblies regularly where students, teachers and parents come together to celebrate achievement and engagement, perform drama and music and explore social themes and world events. A sense of community is also fostered through our community service programs and numerous school events.

In addition to our formal programs, our school’s secure, relaxed atmosphere encourages community building. Many parents can be seen on campus dropping off and picking up their children everyday and often use the opportunity to informally arrange for lunches, birthday parties and other social arrangements. Our community also extends to every continent in the world where our alumni, having moved on to schools including Phillips Academy, St Georges’ School and United World College Singapore, maintaining their friendships with each other. Those who return to Surabaya for holidays regularly drop in to visit their friends and teachers.