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At SES, we seek to amplify student learning through integrating information technology into our teaching. Computers have been available for our primary and secondary students to access since our first classes and in 2014 we transitioned to the Apple ecosystem. Our Primary School has a computer laboratory equipped with iMacs and has a bank of iPads available for classroom use. Secondary students also have access to a dedicated computer laboratory with iMacs as well as having access to their own devices.

We also seek to expand the learning opportunities available to our students beyond their time with teachers. We subscribe to online services that allow our students to learn either through assigned class or homework, teacher directed extension or remedial work, or purely self-directed exploration. In addition to this we offer an online learning portal that enhances communication between teachers, students and parents as well as offering additional learning opportunities .

Information Technology is profoundly impacting society and businesses and this ongoing change favors for those who display a commitment to and willingness for continued learning throughout their lives and careers. SES is committed to equipping our students with the skills and mindset to embrace the 21st Century Learning culture. This will benefit them both in terms of optimizing their intellectual growth at school and in terms of establishing the habits and abilities to take advantage of the abundant opportunities for lifelong learning offered by the information age.