Our Vision & Values

SES School Vision

In a caring and supportive environment, our school community develops self motivated learners with a global perspective so that they are empowered to create positive change in their world and beyond.

To help achieve this we offer:

  • small class sizes (18 or less)
  • an outstanding faculty of dedicated professionals whose every decision is based on knowledge, experience and students’ best interest
  • a commitment to ensuring that each student receives the educational support they need while being challenged to extend themselves according to their potential
  • a bright, inviting, art-filled campus where children’s work is showcased in frequently-changing displays
  • a community where every child is known, accepted and where exclusion is treated as bullying
  • smooth, coordinated transitions between grades and teachers
  • a student population that represents many levels of ability and cultural diversity
  • specialist subject teacher for all secondary school subjects and for art, physical education and language in primary school
  • an ongoing commitment to integrating information technology into teaching that seeks to harness the opportunities it offers to support and extend our students
  • online reading and math programs supplementing the Cambridge, British National Curriculum and IPC programs for both primary and secondary students
  • weekly music and drama tuition
  • twice-weekly physical education that takes advantage of our wide range of sporting facilities
  • a full-day Montessori program for our youngest students, with the moto ‘teach me how I can do it myself’, focused on helping children feel secure and competent as they learn the essentials of writing, reading, and math and bond all within a ‘family like’ environment
  • values-themed, whole-school assemblies every two weeks that bring children, parents and teachers together to celebrate achievement and engagement with values showcased through music and drama
  • multicultural studies and celebrations throughout the school year that recognize the diversity within SES’ student body
  • a commitment to community service