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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have to sit for admission tests?

Your child will have to sit for an entrance test both in English and Maths.

What  is the class size?

Class size currently varies from 4-16 students. Our maximum limit for class size is 18 students.

What subjects are taught?

The core Primary subjects are: English, Mathematics and Science. Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.), Religious Education, History, Geography, Music, Art, Mandarin/French, Bahasa Indonesia, Physical Education (PE) and Design Technology make up the sector known as Foundation subjects.

Students in Lower Secondary School are instructed in Mathematics, Science, English and Mandarin/French at least four times per week. They are also taught History, ICT (computers), Geography, Art and Design,, Bahasa Indonesian and PE.

Students undertaking the IGCSE cover Mathematics, English, Coordinated Science, ICT, Geography, Global Perspectives, Mandarin/French, Bahasa Indonesia, Art and PE.

Are meals provided?

Lunch is provided free of charge.

Are the students taught by expatriate teachers?

The students are mostly taught by expatriate teachers with a smaller number of Indonesian teachers.

What is the teacher’s level of experience?

All our staff are qualified and experienced educators who have taught in their native country and in other parts of the world. They hold a degree in education or a postgraduate diploma in education. Some of our staff have Master’s degrees or additional qualifications. SES teachers have taught children who have English as Second or Additional language and are mindful of this in their teaching.

What school systems have alumni transferred into?

Alumni have transferred to British, Canadian, French, Belgian, Australian, New Zealand, Dutch, American, Singaporean and Swiss systems to name but a few.

How will a student transferring from an Indonesian school or other non English medium school cope with the English language?

A student entering from an Indonesian or other non English medium school will immediately be integrated into his/her year level. One on one assistance may be provided by the classroom assistant during the English lesson and throughout the day.

What is the language of instruction?

Students are taught in English. For those who have some language difficulties help is given by the Teacher and Learning Support Assistants. Students may receive one-to-one or small group tuition where necessary to improve their language skills.

What other languages are taught?

Besides Bahasa Indonesia, our school teaches Mandarin and French. Both of these subjects are taught up to IGCSE level in the Secondary School.

What is the reporting schedule?

Students receive reports twice a year in December and June giving an update on progress in all subjects. Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTCs) are scheduled in October and March and give an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s report with the teachers.

In what years do students sit examinations?

Students sit Cambridge IGCSE and AS/A level examinations in May-June. Students in Years 6 and 9 sit Cambridge Checkpoint examinations which are assessed externally. These exams give a very good indicator of a child’s progress and level compared with expected development at the end of Key Stages 2 and 3 respectively. Students sit internally set IGCSE examinations and students in Years 7 and 8 sit internally set and calibrated end of term examinations to measure their progress.

Are the Indonesian National Examination offered?

Yes, our school is qualified examination center.

How involved are parents in the school community and operations?

Parents are invited to contribute however much time they would like to the school community by for example offering their assistance in decorating the school for various themed events. They are welcome to initiate events and obtain both staff and student support.
Far fetching decisions by the Management are always made upon consultation with a select parent representative group.