Life in Surabaya

Life in Surabaya

SES is located in a residential area endowed with greenery and surrounded by a beautiful golf course. Although, Surabaya is coined as an industrial city, it does not suffer the woes of industrialization. Traffic and pollution do not pose a big problem.

Its geographical location makes it a stepping stone to Bali, Lombok and all Australia. Within a couple hours’ drive one can cool off in the hills of Tretes and Trawas or venture to visit the somewhat active Bromo volcano.

Malls and shopping centers abound, however historical buildings such as the Majapahit Hotel and the House of Sampoerna do give us a glimpse into Indonesia’s rich heritage.

Jogjakarta, a thirty minute flight from Surabaya, can immerse one further at two UNESCO’s Heritage sites (Borobodur and Prambanan).

Surabaya remains a safe and friendly environment to raise children in. Medical facilities are adequate and supermarkets are stocked with imported food items from all parts of the world as well as quality local produce, including a rich assortment of tropical fruits. Swimming pools and tennis courts as well as indoor play areas can be found in all neighbourhoods.

Admittedly, newcomers can still experience culture shock when adjusting to life in Surabaya – the language, culture and weather are all unique, however a positive attitude and a supportive community always helps in weathering the storm.